The Hajj-Tamatuu consists of thirteen practices

01. Ihraam: It is the first compulsory act of Umrah. There are three compulsory acts in Ihraam.
(1) Intention (Niyyat):
When making Niyyat for Umrah or Hajj the purpose and aim must necessarily be solely to achieve the consent of Allah and seeking nearness to Him (Qurbatan ilallaah).
02. Tawaaf: It is the second compulsory act of Umrah. If one omits this act whether knowingly or because of ignorance of the rule, the Umrah becomes null and void, and as a result one’s Ihraam also becomes void. A Tawaaf is a complete act of going round the Kaaba seven successive times.
03. Salaat Al-Tawaaf/Prayer of Tawaaf: It is the third compulsory act of Umrah. It consists of two Rak’ats like that of morning prayers. It must be prayed immediately after the Tawaaf near Makam-e-Ibrahim.
To omit this prayer invalidates one’s Hajj because it will also cause the invalidity of Sayee, which depends on the validity of the prayer of Tawaaf.
03. Sayee: It is the fourth compulsory act of the Umrah. If it is omitted intentionally, it causes the Hajj to become void, regardless of whether one knows this rule or not.
05. Taqseer or Halaq: It is the fifth compulsory act of Umrah and means cutting some nails of hands or feet or the hairs of head, beard or moustache.
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