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For those seeking to perform the Haj pilgrimage this year, we have prepared this circular to provide guidance and advice on the process and procedures as far as we have been informed.

The Basics

The Quota: The Quota for the number of pilgrims from the UK remains the same as 2023 which is set at approximately 3600.

Packages: Haj packages will once again be provided by a number of licenced haj operators within Saudi Arabia. All packages will only be bookable on the Nusuk platform.

Country Segmentation: Unlike last year, we have been informed that there will be no country segmentation. All packages will be bookable by any pilgrim from any of the 50+ countries that are now required to book Haj on the Nusuk platform.

Murshids: Unlike last year, the haj packages will not have Murshids assigned to them. Instead, representatives have been appointed by the licenced haj operators to promote their packages. The representatives will then provide the licenced haj operator with a list of their pilgrims and the representative will then be allowed to assign 1 Murshid for every 47 pilgrims.

Advice for prospective pilgrims

Nusuk: If you are intending to perform Haj this year, please register on the Nusuk platform without delay.

If you are travelling with friends and family, it may be beneficial for one person to register and add their travelling companions under the same profile. This will ensure that all the travellers under the same profile are all confirmed together. This will avoid situations where some members of a family or group of travelling companions secure a package and others fail. This does however come with the risk that if the main profile is unsuccessful then none of their travel companions will be successful either. There is also the issue of payment to consider as the main profile holder will need to have enough funds/ credit limit to pay for all their travelling companions.

Auditing: Once you have registered, your application will be sent for auditing. Once it has been audited you will receive a notification confirming that your details have been accepted.

Packages: We have signed an agreement with one of the haj operators in Saudi Arabia to promote one of their packages. The package we promote will feature a hotel in Aziziya to keep the costs down. We have not yet been informed of the pricing but we expect the price to be similar to the prices last year for similar packages which was in the region of £7,500 £8,000.

Booking: We will have no control over who can book the packages. Like last year, the people with the fastest fingers will secure a haj spot. We will endeavour to notify you ahead of the Nusuk platform going live with packages so that you can secure your haj package before they sell out.

Preparation: Last year, some of the people that opted to pay by bank transfer suffered issues with funds not reaching Saudi Arabia resulting in them loosing their spaces. In contrast, those who paid by credit card were broadly successful and did not face any issues. We therefore recommend that you have credit cards with sufficient credit limits so that you can make payment for your package in full at the time the system goes live. You should use the next 4 weeks to secure a credit card with sufficient credit. Packages are charged in Saudi Riyals so you should try and find a credit card that offers commission free foreign exchange transactions.

Our Plans: We are hoping that we will this year be able to facilitate haj arrangement’s for pilgrims following the Jafferi Jurisprudential laws of haj. If we are able to secure enough pilgrims we will be looking to escort our pilgrims with the assistance of religious scholars and reciters as we have done in the past.

Register: Once you have registered in we would ask that you also go to here and fill out the form there so that we are able to group you together with our pilgrims.